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Item Number Item Name Description Institution  
Acc. 12344 letter 1 box:: Acc. 12344 Lockhart of Lee and Carnwath Es National Library of Scotland Details
SP3.91.470 booklet 20 page booklet "The Pumpherston Oil Company Limit National Library of Scotland Details
191719 agreement Draft Agreement, Agreement and Correspondence betw BP Archive Details
129069 document Pumpherston Oil Works: Specification of Work to be BP Archive Details
143508 agreement Agreement between the Trustees of the late Sir Joh BP Archive Details
143911 agreement Page 230; Minute of Agreement between the County C BP Archive Details
143906 agreement Pages 27 & 30 to 39; Minute of Agreement between t BP Archive Details
194886-194889 agreement The Pumpherston Oil Company Limited, 78, 282, 285, BP Archive Details
143907, 143866 disposition Page 171; Disposition by The Pumpherston Oil Compa BP Archive Details
129062 document The Pumpherston Oil Company Limited: Supplementary BP Archive Details
104169 minute book The Pumpherston Oil Co Ltd - Board Minutes. Octobe BP Archive Details
68966 document 1 file: Tests of Cannel Coal - Battersea, Chiswick BP Archive Details
129063 contract 1 file: Signed Copies of Contracts for erection of BP Archive Details
129066, 14352, 3 143903 agreement Draft Minute of Agreement between Sir Simon Macdon BP Archive Details
129065, 143904 agreement Draft Minute of Agreement between John Allan White BP Archive Details
143506 agreement Agreement between The London and North Eastern Rai BP Archive Details
143505, 129031, 129033 lease Lease by Colonel James H. Cowan in favour of The P BP Archive Details
129024 document Miss Elizabeth and Mr A. Young: Agreement by Pumph BP Archive Details
143885 disposition Page 344; Disposition by Wester Breich Syndicate L BP Archive Details
129028, 129029 agreement Minute of Agreement between The Right Honourable L BP Archive Details
143872 lease Page 338; Lease between Archibald Gibson McLagan a BP Archive Details
143513, 14351, 1 14351,4 143515 lease Lease between Charles Gibson McLagan and The Pumph BP Archive Details
129049-129054, 12904, 3 129044 document Copy of a Deed of Submission by The Right Honourab BP Archive Details
129055 letter Pumpherston Oil Company Ltd, Drumshoreland Referen BP Archive Details
129059 document Inventory of Documents belonging to The Pumphersto BP Archive Details
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