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Process, Practice & Impact classification:

The following processes, practices and impacts relate to key technical and commercial activities of the Scottish shale oil industry or are associated with the community and environmental impact of their operations :

3.3 - Influence & Legacy
The Scottish shale oil industry had worldwide influence and has left a lasting legacy in Scotland (particularly West Lothian) on Scottish industrial history and the worldwide oil industry. From the outset, competition from cheap imported petroleum bred commercial and technical innovation, and many processes developed in Scotland were exported abroad together with managerial expertise and skilled labour.

The decline and closure of the shale oil industry took place in an age before the industrial heritage movement became established and before facilities existed for the preservation of large industrial machinery. First hand experience of the Scottish shale oil industry is fading fast from living memory, however the achievements of James “Paraffin” Young are still celebrated and the history of this distinctive Scottish industry remains very much in the public consciousness.

The industry also left an environmental legacy including the clean up and remediation of former oil works sites and the large spoil tips or shale bings. Many bings have been worked to provide fill for roads and other construction projects. The remaining bings provide habitats which are unique in Scotland for a diverse range of wildlife and three are protected as scheduled monuments

3 - Social Impact
3.1 - Workplace
3.1.1 - Worker's Representation (26 Items)
3.1.2 - Occupational Health (52 Items)
3.1.3 - Personal Histories: Working Lives (139 Items)
3.2 - Home & Community
3.2.1 - Friendly Societies & Cooperatives (22 Items)
3.2.2 - Public Health (6 Items)
3.2.3 - Personal Histories: Home & Community Lives (116 Items)
3.2.4 - Community Organisations, Sports & Pastimes (26 Items)
3.2.5 - Events, Occasions & Presentations (56 Items)
3.3 - Influence & Legacy
3.3.1 - Emigration and Overseas Influence (35 Items)
3.3.2 - Environmental Rehabilitation (20 Items)
3.3.3 - Celebrating & Recording Shale Heritage (44 Items)