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Item Number MS 3769/1/78 Item Type Media
Item Name cassette Quantity of Item 1
Classification Personal Histories: Working Lives Associated Date 1953-1969
Description Lives in the Oil Industry' Oral History Archive & associated records: Interview with Eric John Hutton (1928-), development officer, 2001. Reason for move to West Lothian as Senior Planning Assistant 1953. Details re duties, long hours. Became County Planning Officer, West Lothian. Responsible for 20-year development plan etc. Stayed 16 years. Involved in economic development including mining, oil shale mining, oil processing. Details re oil shale industry, processes. First commercial oil industry in the world. Reference to Young's Paraffin Oil, remaining bings (waste heaps). Recalls refinery outside West Lothian which also processed Eakring oil. Compares coal, shale mining processes. Shale and coal industries provided for workers. Details. BP later took over shale industry. Social contrasts in West Lothian. 1969 to Aberdeen as Development Officer, North East Scotland Development Committee. Started from scratch. Purpose of organisation - job creation etc. Mentions small Shell, BP offices in Aberdeen at the time
Institution University of Aberdeen, Special Libraries and Archives
Geographic Location
West Lothian
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Hutton, Eric John