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Item Number Item Type Object
Item Name product samples Quantity of Item 18
Classification Advertising & Promotional Materials Associated Date
Description Burnt shale following distillation Green oil, oil once distilled Second distillation, Heavy oil and Paraffin Lubricating oil 865 Lubricating oil 890/95 Lubricating oil 885 Oil Engine oil Second distillation, light oil SG=800 Fuel oil 850 Blue oil Lamp oil Spirits Crude Paraffin Sulphate of ammonia Semi-refined paraffin (oblong block, 180x40x15mm) Label for 18 also stuck to17. Refined paraffin (oblong block, 180x40x15mm, paler colour than the semi-refined block and broken) Still coke (black bubbly slag from still) A candle produced in mould with fluted base (no label, presumed Broxburn)
Institution University of Aberdeen, Geology Department Museum
Geographic Location
Associated Organisations
Broxburn Oil Company Ltd
Associated Places
Associated People