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Item Details

Item Number GD349/4/1825, GD349/4/1826 Item Type Media
Item Name photograph Quantity of Item 2
Classification Oil Works Layout, Buildings & Services Associated Date 1945
Description Interior of Pump house at Westwood Crude Oil Works of Scottish Oils Ltd showing the following 3 phase 50 cycle 440 volt 1465 rpm flameproof T.E.F.C. squirrel cage motors. At left: 3� 7� BHP driving naphtha pumps, M/c Nos.37982, 37983 & 37984; 22 BHP driving scrubber oil cooler pump, M/c No.37976; 17 BHP driving naphtha pump, M/c No.37973; 22 BHP driving naphtha pump, M/c No.37975; 2 � 17BHP driving naphtha pump, M/c Nos.37972/4. At right: 3 � 13 BHP driving naphtha pump, M/c Nos.37967/8/9. G.O.'s 65391/2 and 65394/5 for Woodall-Duckham, 1945
Institution National Archives of Scotland
Geographic Location
West Lothian
Associated Organisations
Scottish Oils Ltd
Associated Places
Westwood Oil Works
West Calder
Associated People