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Item Number GLAHM 111857 Item Type Geological Specimen
Item Name geological specimen Quantity of Item 1
Classification James Young & the Origins of the Industry Associated Date 1876
Description boxed set of 98 fossils and rocks, from the Carboniferous of Lanarkshire, formerly belonging to James "Paraffin" Young . Specimens in very shallow trays, 6 deep in the wooden chest. Localities are: Raes Gill, Gare, Castehill, Hillhead, Harestanes, Westerhouse, Brockshole, Kinshaw, Mosside, Thorn, Langshaw Burn, Witchaw Burn, Hallcraig, Braidwood, Basha, Kilcadzow, Belston, Garionburn, Fiddlers Burn, Todtails, and Birkfield. Many of these localities seem to be in the Carluke area, and are mentioned in the Catalogue of the Western Scottish Fossils, published for the British Association in 1876, esp. p 71-75. Some lovely fossils and rocks including fish, trilobites, crustaceans, corals, bryozoa, brachiopods, coprolites, limestones, ironstones, etc.
Institution Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, University of Glasgow
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Young, James