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Item Number GLAHM 113823 Item Type Object
Item Name Microscope condensing lens Quantity of Item 1
Classification James Young & the Origins of the Industry Associated Date 1860
Description Microscope condensing lens circa 1860. This microscope condensing lens is on a tubular arm which slides in a tube attached to a tubular pillar by a pivot. The pillar is on a round solid brass base. The instrument is unsigned but associated with James "Paraffin" Young's microscope GLAHM113823 and is typical of early to mid 19th century free standing condensers. These instruments were largely superceded by Abbe's and other condensers which were fitted to microscopes in increasing numbers from 1870. There had been earlier attempts to provide enhanced lighting, including a substage system by Ross contained in a long tube, but they all suffered major disadvantages
Institution Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, University of Glasgow
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Young, James