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Item Number GLAHM 113822 Item Type Object
Item Name microscope Quantity of Item 1
Classification James Young & the Origins of the Industry Associated Date 1870
Description Compound binocular microscope belonged to James "Paraffin" Young. MANU Andrew Ross & Company circa 1870 London, England. DES after WENHAM,Francis,Herbert. 1878 London, England. This stereoscopic binocular microscope has a hollow brass claw foot with two unbuttressed uprights which support a trunnion. The stageplate, which is bolted to the trunnion, carries a mechanical stage with rack and pinion x-y axes adjustment. There is also an upper detachable rotating stage with slide bar and clip. The mechanical substage which is attached to the tubular tailpiece by a vertical rack and pinion adjustment has x-y axes adjustment and also mechanically rotatable by a thumbscrew and gear train. However, there is no substage condenser, diaphragm disc or iris diaphragm. The double mirror is attached by a gimbal, doubly jointed swing arm and slide to the tailpiece. The square limb which is attached to rack and pinion in the trunnion has a long lever fine adjustment fitted through the ring fronted arm attached to the top of the limb. The double body tubes detach in one piece from the ring front on the arm. The oculars have a linked double rack and pinion adjustment. The Wenham prism is on a slide in a block fitted to the underside of the ring front of the arm. The objective screws into the same block
Institution Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery, University of Glasgow
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Young, James