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Item Number B/KH/11/2/3/10/5 Item Type Archive
Item Name document Quantity of Item 6
Classification Licences, Patents & Litigation Associated Date 1887
Description Correspondence from John Waddell of the Burntisland Oil Company regarding the dispute over water facilities for his Company's Candleworks. 1887. Letter telling Mr Dow that his Company's Candleworks will be ready to open in about a month and that manufacturing of candles relys on a considerable quantity of water to cool the candle making machine. He goes on to say that they propose to take the water from Kinghorn Loch by pipes and return it, undiminished in quantity and an uncontaminated in quality, as soon as it has served it's purpose. He further goes on to say that the pipes will be laid on their own property and will will not interfere with the sluice or the water gang. He informs Mr Dow that they have two boilers for supplying steam to the works which will require water not returned to the Loch, and asks what charges would be made for this water. dated 22 March Letter saying that he is happy that the Town Council have agreed to give them the facilities to carry on with their new Candleworks. He goes on to say that, with regard to them using the water for cooling purposes, the company would neither diminish the quantity nor contaminate the quality. He asks Mr Dow if, the Company must return the water used to the Loch before it reaches the sluice, what the charges are for. dated 15 April Note of application for permission to lay pipes across the public road and, the undertaking of the Company to make good the road. dated 15 April Letter disputing Mr Dow's statement that when the water finds it's way into Kinghorn Loch, it comes under the control of the Town Council. He says that when the Company bought the estate, the Loch and everything in it was conveyanced over to them, and the only things which the Burgh appears to have reserved are the coal under it and control of the sluices. He goes on to tell Mr Dow that, to say that the Burgh owns the water, and are able to charge his Company for using it was simply nonsense. He goes on to name all of the benefits which the Company has brought to Kinghorn, and threatens to hold the Council responsible for any loss or damage sustained when the Company opens in a few days. dated 21 April Letter telling Mr Dow that the Company have the power to take the water for manufacturing purposes, and that the Council must understand that it is not the small payment that is in dispute, but it is to keep their rights intact. He goes on to say that, if the Company agreed to pay a sum of money for water owned by them, they would be compromising themselves. dated 29 April Letter telling Mr Dow that he thought the matter was settled, and that he regrets that he did not insist on the arrangement between them being written down and signed. He goes to to tell him that he does not understand what the Council want but he goes on to explain exactly what they had agreed. He said that neither the Council nor the Company were in favour of court expenses and therefor had agreed to secure the Opinion of Council at his Company's expense limited to ?20 this was agreed on the understanding that if the opinion favoured the Town a rent of ?20 was to be paid by his company but if the reverse was the case his company should only pay the expense of the reference. it was unanimously agreed to and his Company was given permission to lay the water pipes at once. dated 28 September. 6 documents
Institution Fife Council Archive Centre
Geographic Location
Associated Organisations
Burntisland Oil Company Ltd
Associated Places
Binnend Oil & Mineral Works
Kinghorn Loch
Associated People
Waddell, John