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Item Number B/KH/11/2/3/10/2 Item Type Archive
Item Name document Quantity of Item 17
Classification Licences, Patents & Litigation Associated Date 1887
Description Letters from J H M Bairnsfather of the Burntisland Oil Company Limited, Solicitor's Office regarding the dispute over the water rights of Kinghorn Loch and the rent for grazing at Links Park. 1887. Note enclosing Draft Disposition. dated 11 January Note regarding Little Dam asking if the Burgh has been paid a seperate account for the agreement. dated 15 January Letter telling Mr Dow that, as he understands, we are to be parties to the Minute of Meeting and bound by it's terms until we have received the desision of Council with regard to Kinghorn Loch. He goes on to explain the alterations and additions which he has penciled in regarding various clauses. dated 4 May Note enclosing the Memorial regarding the loch water as he proposed it should be laid before the Dean of Faculty. dated 9 May Note asking for the joint case to Council and the revised Minute containing the clause ' that in the event of the decision being in favour of the Burgh, his Company has agreed to pay ?20 per annum'. dated 16 May Letter regarding the Kinghorn Loch in which Mr Bairnsfather accuses Mr dow of altering, considerably, the impartial statement made by him. dated 15 June Letter telling Mr Dow that his Directors consider it a useless expense to take the opinion of Council on one point alone, leaving the other issues open to dispute. He goes on to say that if the decision was in favour of Mr Dow's clients regarding the loch water, his company could then put their pipes in the stream, as proprietors upon the banks, and the dispute would begin again. dated 9 July Letter pointing out that Mr Dow was wrong to say that the Draft Memorial was revised and approved by both parties when Mr Dow's last act was to object to, and delete certain clauses inserted by him, and that action, he says, was certainly not approved by him. Mr Bairnsfather goes on to argue that he thinks that taking opinion of Council on one issue was pointless, as the Company would take the same water from another place, a course which Mr Dow's clients would have no power to interfere. dated 16 July Note arranging a meeting with Mr Bairsfather, Mr Dow and Mr Waddell to adjust the draft Memorial. dated 20 July Note saying that Mr Waddell will arrange another meeting with the Council, at which the Minute of Meeting must be written and signed by both parties, before they leave the room. dated 27 July Letter telling Mr Dow that Mr Schank was in a position to close the transaction regarding the Links. dated 29 July Note saying that he has received the enclosures and that he will revise and return them as soon as he can. dated 3 October Letter saying that he has sent the Minute and the Memorial, revised by him, to Mr Waddell for approval and that he will send them on to Mr Dow. dated 8 October Note agreeing to the terms of ?7.10/- of rent for the grazing of Links Park. dated 22 October Letter saying that he had a meeting with Mr Waddell at which they adjusted the terms of the Minute of Meeting and also the Memorial regarding the water question. dated 10 October Letter telling Mr Dow that Mr Waddell arranged a meeting with him or the Provost and that he, Mr Bairnsfather did not wish to interfere. dated 14 September Note saying that the Chairman of his Board would like to see the Minutes of Meeting before consenting to to sign the Memorial. dated 12 December. 17 documents
Institution Fife Council Archive Centre
Geographic Location
Associated Organisations
Burntisland Oil Company Ltd
Associated Places
Binnend Oil & Mineral Works
Kinghorn Loch
Associated People
Bairnsfather, J H M
Waddell, George