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Item Number MUN 4/537, MUN 4/4076 , MUN 4/5109 , MUN 4/5091, MUN 5/214/1970/5 Item Type Archive
Item Name document Quantity of Item 5
Classification Political & Economic Influences Associated Date 1915-1920
Description PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, FATS, ETC.: Proposed amalgamation of Shell Group and Burmah Oil Company; Scottish shale oil industry; oil shale resources; and miscellaneous oil questions 1915 Oct. 14-1917 July 9; Report on scheme for development of Scottish shale oil industry 1917 Apr. 12-18; PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, FATS, ETC.: Correspondence of Director of Petroleum Research about resources of shale oil, cannel coal, etc. and possibilities of production of mineral oils in United Kingdom 1917 Jan.-1918 Oct.; PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, FATS, ETC.: Scottish Shale Oil Industry Committee: expenses 1917 Mar. 23-Aug. 15; PETROLEUM PRODUCTS, FATS, ETC.: Shale Oil Industry Committee: expenses 1917 Jan. 24-1920 Feb. 25
Institution National Archives
Geographic Location
Associated Organisations
Scottish Oils Ltd
Burmah Oil Company Ltd
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