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Item Number B/KH/11/2/3/6/10 Item Type Archive
Item Name document Quantity of Item 2
Classification Leases & Lets Associated Date 1885
Description Correspondence from Mr Spencer of the Burntisland Oil Company regarding the amount of ground required for the proposed railway line. 1885. Letter telling Mr Dow that Mr Reddie, engineer for the proposed railway line, suggested that the Oil Company acquire the ground in the sketch as it was the best plan for both the Council's ground and the working of the railway. He goes on to explain that there is less severence in that piece of ground and that it would leave the rest of the property almost the same as it was as far as agricultural purposes were concerned. dated 9th February Note thanking Mr Dow and his Council for their promptness in dealing with the matter of the proposed railway. dated 12th February , 2 documents
Institution Fife Council Archive Centre
Geographic Location
Associated Organisations
Burntisland Oil Company Ltd
Associated Places
Binnend Oil & Mineral Works
Associated People
Spencer, James