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Item Number B/KH/11/2/3/6/4 Item Type Archive
Item Name document Quantity of Item 10
Classification Subsidence, Waste & Land Management Associated Date 1885-1886
Description Correspondence from Mr Bairnsfather of the Burntisland Oil Company regarding the construction of a railway through the lands of Pettycur. 1885-1886. Letter from Mr Bairnsfather to Mr Dow setting out the conditions he is offering to Kinghorn Burgh to allow the North British Railway Company to construct a railway through the lands of Pettycur. dated 20th February, 1885 Note regarding the proposed railway, acknowledging a letter from Mr Dow. dated 25th February 1885 Note regarding the proposed railway line, enclosing a plan showing the sections of the proposed line in so far as the Burgh's lands are concerned. dated 27th February, 1885 Note relating to the water supply, acknowledging receipt of deeds. dated11th March Note enclosing a draft Agreement relating to water. dated 14th March, 1885 Letter enclosing a plan showing what portions of the Kinghorn Loch it is proposed to construct the Railway, and also the suggestion made by the engineers how the displaced water will be restored. dated 14th March, 1885 Note regarding the proposed railway line, asking Mr Dow for a reply to his letter. dated 2nd April, 1885 Note informing Mr Dow that, on account of the exorbitant terms demanded by the proprietors along the route of the proposed line, he is afraid that the scheme has been knocked on the head. dated 18th April, 1885 Note enclosing the Railway Agreement and plan. dated 19 July, 1886 Note regarding clauses in the Railway Agreement. 6 September, 1886. 10 documents
Institution Fife Council Archive Centre
Geographic Location
Associated Organisations
Burntisland Oil Company Ltd
North British Railway Company
Associated Places
Binnend Oil & Mineral Works
Kinghorn Loch
Associated People
Bairnsfather, J H M