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Item Number B/KH/11/2/3/5/3 Item Type Archive
Item Name document Quantity of Item 9
Classification Subsidence, Waste & Land Management Associated Date 1881-1882
Description Correspondence from Alexander Beveridge of the County Road Trust (Kirkcaldy District) regarding Kinghorn Loch Encroachment. 1881-1882. Mr Beveridge states that he wishes to draw the Council's attention to the damage to the fence at the side of Kinghorn Loch owing to the height of the water and that the Trustees hold the Council responsible for it's repair. 13 December, 1881 Enclosure of excerpt of Minute of the Trustees for the District agreeing to the terms of the Town Council's responsibility for the draining of Cowhill Quarry. Mr Beveridge states that he is instructed to say that the proposal contained in Mr Dow's letter cannot be accepted and that, unless the Magistrates agree to remedy the evil complaint, the instuctions of the Trustees to adopt legal proceedings will immediately be carried out. dated 17 June, 1882 Mr Beveridge encloses an excerpt from the minute of meeting from the Sub Committee appointed with reference to Kinghorn Loch and points out that, in the event of the obligation mentioned not being forthcoming by Tuesday, the action will immediately be carried out. dated 24 June, 1882 Mr Beveridge states that he is disappointed that nothing has been done towards the repair of the road at Kinghorn as agreed by the Town Council. dated 16 September, 1882 Copy letter from Alexander Beveridge to W N Grainger, Manager of the Burntisland Oil Company asking that Kinghorn Town Council be given access to their land to carry out repair works to the highway at Kinghorn Loch. dated11 October, 1882 Mr Beveridge encloses copies of correspondence which he points out show that he has been under no misapprehension about the arrangement between the Road Trustees and the Burgh. dated 28 October, 1882 Mr Beveridge informs Mr Dow that his Directors have agreed to grant the Burgh of Kinghorn access to the Lochlands to enable them to repair the road and fence that have been damaged by the water of the loch. dated 22 October, 1882 Mr Beveridge warns of legal action to be carried out against Kinghorn Town Council unless they repair the damage to the road and fence, caused by the high water of the loch, at the Burghs expense. dated 7 December, 1882 9 documents
Institution Fife Council Archive Centre
Geographic Location
Associated Organisations
Burntisland Oil Company Ltd
Associated Places
Binnend Oil & Mineral Works
Kinghorn Loch
Associated People
Grainger, W N