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Item Number Item Type Geological Specimen
Item Name fossil Quantity of Item 75
Classification Mineral & Fossil Specimens Associated Date 1887-1890
Description 50-100? plant fossils in the collection from the West Lothian Oil Shales from these localities: Broxburn Shale, Broxburn from Holmes Oil Works, Uphall Dalmeny Shale Pit Oil Shales, Straiton Paraffin Shale, Straiton Oil Shale Group, Hailes Quarry, Slateford Dunnet shale, Straiton There may well be other plant fossils in the collection. We have plants listed from Addiewell, West Calder and Bathgate but they do not have references to shale in the register. The main palaeobotany collection is currently in storage and difficult to access to check the actual specimens. Fish have also come from the Holmes Oil works, Uphall, Fish and various invertebrate fossils from Pentland Shale works, near Burdiehouse Fish from Clippens Oil Works, near Burdiehouse Fish from a bore sank near Niddrie, donated by an engineer of Young‘«÷s Paraffin Oil Co. Mines, Addiewell. The dates of these fossils into the collections are between 1887-1890. Some were donated and some were purchased from miners and other workers.
Institution National Museum of Scotland: Natural Sciences
Geographic Location
West Lothian
Associated Organisations
Holmes Oil Company Ltd
Dalmeny Oil Company Ltd
Clippens Oil Company Ltd
Pentland Works Oil Company Ltd
Young's Paraffin Light & Mineral Oil Company Ltd
Associated Places
Holmes Oil Works
Dalmeny Shale Mine
Straiton Paraffin Oil Works
West Calder
Pentland Paraffin Oil Works
Associated People