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Item Number LVSAV2009.047 Item Type Object
Item Name sample case Quantity of Item 14
Classification Advertising & Promotional Materials Associated Date
Description sample case from Scottish Oils Ltd containing samples of crude oil, heavy oil and paraffin, scrubber naphtha, gas oil, burning oil, lubricating oil, sulphate of ammonia, Christmas candles. Samples are (or were, some are now empty) contained in small glass tubes with screw on lids and labelled, 8 in number. There is space for a 9th sample bottle but this is missing. Case also contains 5 loose, labelled samples: 1 x coke, 2 x shale, 1 x paraffin wax, 1 x spent shale. Black leathercloth covered wooden hinged case, impressed with gold coloured lettering "Scottish Oils Ltd. Glasgow", lined inside with black velvet
Institution Almond Valley Heritage Trust
Geographic Location
West Lothian
Associated Organisations
Scottish Oils Ltd
Associated Places
Associated People