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Item Number GB 0582 HWC Briggs Item Type Archive
Item Name document Quantity of Item 1
Classification Professional Journals & Technical Publications Associated Date 1907-1935
Description 1 box: Papers of Henry Briggs: Mathematical Investigation into Mine Surveying Practice, (1907) ‘«ůSelected Papers and Reports (1907) ‘«ůOn the Propagation of Error in Mine and General Surveys, (1907) ‘«ůThe Ventilation of Mines: Generation of Air Current, (1929) ‘«ůpapers extracted from the Transactions of the Institute of Mining Engineers and the Proceedings of the South Wales Institute of Engineers (1913-1927) ‘«ůColliery Engineering , (1928-1929) and Coal Age, (1928-1929)papers produced with J Wilson ‘«ůphotograph of Henry Briggs (1924-1935)
Institution Heriot-Watt University Museum and Archive
Geographic Location
Associated Organisations
Heriot-Watt College
Institute of Mining Engineers
Associated Places
Associated People
Briggs, Henry