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Item Number GGB-I.5/2 Item Type Archive
Item Name book Quantity of Item 1
Classification Geological Maps & Publications Associated Date 1927
Description The oil-shales of the Lothians. Part I. The geology of the oil-shale fields. By R.G. Carruthers. Based on the work of H.M. Cadell and J.S. Grant Wilson. Part II. Methods of working the oil-shales. By W. Caldwell. Part III. Chemistry and technology of the oil-shales. By E.M. Bailey. Part IV. History of the Scottish oil-shale industry. By H.R.J. Conacher. Published by HMSO, Edinburgh, 1927
Institution National Library of Scotland
Geographic Location
Associated Organisations
Scottish Oils Ltd
Associated Places
Associated People
Caldwell, William
Bailey, Edwin M
Cadell, Henry Moubray
Wilson, J S Grant
Conacher, H R J
Carruthers, R G