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Item Number Item Type Archive
Item Name document Quantity of Item 17
Classification Experimental Plant & Processes Associated Date 1918-1967
Description 58 Hugh Bryan Nisbet, Principal 1950-1967: Principals correspondence. 1 box, notebooks, commemoration address, photographs and personalia 59 1 box speech notes, pamphlets, newspaper cuttings (personal) professional references, personalia, etc. 60 1 box addresses, lectures, (notes & typescripts etc.) , 1954-1965 61 1 box notes for meetings 62 1 box reports at presentations 63 1 box speeches, reports, toasts etc. 1954-1965 64 1 box speeches 1953-1961 65 1 box speeches 1959-1966 66 1 box miscellaneous speeches, addresses, etc. 67 1 file correspondence and proceedings of committee established to obtain portrait for presentation to Nisbet 68 1918-1921 12 notebooks: university (undergraduate) notes, (chemical subjects) 69 1918-1921 10 notebooks: university (undergraduate) notes, (mathematical, geological & physical subjects) 70 1927-1948 15 notebooks: research and lecture notes, (including 1 bound MS. volume entitled " Chemical Technology of Oils, Fats and Waxes" - notes for book?) 71 "Contributions to the Knowledge of Organic Bases", 1933, thesis by Hugh Bryan Nisbet for the degree of Doctor of Science of the University of Edinburgh 72 1938 "Pyrazoline Local Anaesthetics and related Substances": thesis by Nisbet for the degree of Doctor of Science of the University of Edinburgh 73 "Scottish Cannel: A Geological and Chemical Investigation":by Douglas Gow and David M. Wilson, supervised by Professor W. M. Cumming and Dr. H. B. Nisbet; along with some correspondence relating to cannel project, with which Nisbet was involved: Nisbet's own (signed) copy of the report 76 1932 " Fuel Testing ", by Godfrey W. Himus, from Nisbet's personal library
Institution Heriot-Watt University Museum and Archive
Geographic Location
Associated Organisations
Heriot-Watt College
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Associated People
Nisbet, Hugh Bryan