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Welcome to the Scottish Shale Oil Industry Collections Survey

During 2009/2010 Almond Valley Heritage Trust was granted funding by Museums Galleries Scotland and the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation to identify and describe collection material relating to the Scottish shale oil industry held by museums, libraries and archives in Scotland, the wider UK and abroad. This website presents the results of the survey and brings information about the distributed collection together for the first time with the aim of directing research and informing collecting activity.

The website provides item level descriptions of 8202 objects, archives, media items and geological specimens stored in 3266 searchable records, belonging to 47 organisations. The intention was to include only material contemporaneous with the industry and any items described as a copy were normally excluded from the survey. However, it is likely that in some instances the level of information available may not have been sufficient to exclude some modern copy material.

The navigation bar to the left can be used to search the survey results by the following indexes:

In addition, the search box allows you to search all item descriptions relating to your own specific subject of interest.

A copy of the Scottish shale oil industry survey report can be found here.

Although the project has ended, the database will be updated as additional items relating to the Scottish shale oil industry are identified. If you know of any items held in museums, libraries and archives that have not yet been included in the survey, please contact us.